Importance of AI and ML

Why are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning topics so Important?

We are standing on a cusp of a revolution.

If things remain as they are now - no wars, natural disasters, and so on - life in 2020 will literally bear no relationship to life in 2018.

Automation is the future.

Machine Learning is our toolbox.

And now - with specialized tools -thousands of jobs will be completely redundant and automated by machines that can do things better than human beings can.

AI, ML, and the cloud will change everything we know about life.

The best career to choose going forward is AI.

Because, in the end, nearly everything can be automated.

And original writing and creativity is what we believe computers cannot do. 

Have a peek into the ML product Kadenze.

There, Deep Neural Networks compose music, dream, and even develop personalities of their own - according to the way it is trained.

Hold on to your hats. Tightly.

Because what's coming won't be a wind. It will be a hurricane.

And I strongly encourage everyone to learn at least a little bit of ML.

It really is the future.

Posted on 15th Nov 2018

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